Monday, 30 November 2015

My personal Starbucks challenge

Hey everyone, nice to be out here again. It’s been a while, I know. Lots of things going on in my life and somehow I just couldn’t find the time and right mood to write a new post for a while and before I knew it several months had passed. But I’m back now, and we’ll see where my life and the blog will take me in times to come. I think I’ll tend to do some more lifestyle posts as you see right here…

I’ve been into a more ecological lifestyle lately. Not that I haven’t cared at all in the past (if you consider things like waste separation and reusable bags for grocery shopping for example) but that’s been on a relatively low level. Some months ago I started to act a bit more towards this direction using even less plastic bags by actively refusing them when shopping for stuff like clothes and bits'n'pieces and I always keep a textile bag in my handbag. Plus I take the train to work more often now. I know it’s not much but it’s at least something.

Now, when it comes to coffee or tea in the mornings I have several thermo mugs at home and usually use them to bring my own tea or coffee on the train (or in the car). However I quite like to get coffee somewhere else too because I like to get a different taste or I’m just out and about in the afternoons or weekends. So I find myself stopping by at Starbucks quite often as it is a great treat at all times of the day (plus it's fairtrade coffee). But getting my coffee in throw-away paper cups has been bugging me lately. Thinking towards acting more ecologically I don’t want this anymore.

So, looking at my small collection of thermo mugs at home I realized that they’re all too small for a size tall coffee at Starbucks which is 12 oz (355 ml). So I had to get a new mug – and which place would be better than where I usually get my coffee? So I went to my local Starbucks and they luckily had quite a selection there. I chose a nice tumbler from their German christmas collection. The red color is totally my thing and I wanted it to be stainless steel because I think it’s prettier and more durable than the acrylic ones.

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It wasn’t until then that I knew that you even get a discount at Starbucks if you buy your coffee in a reusable mug. Did you know? I was pleasantly surprised because that’s even more reason to buy one. So I get 0,30 € off every time I buy coffee. Winner. Putting this against the price of my tumbler (17,95 €) it makes 60 coffees to drink for becoming a rewardable investment.

And this is where the CHALLENGE starts. I’ve decided to take a photo of my Starbucks coffee every time I get one in my mug because using it just makes me feel good. And sharing this challenge may cause other people to opt for a reusable mug too.  
I’m going to post my photos on my Instagram account and post a recap here on the blog from time to time. So feel free to follow me or even join in.

First use on the train

So, I already tested my mug and I’m thrilled. It keeps my drink hot for a long time (some hours), fits well into common car cup holders and into my messenger bag and it looks stylish. It would also make a great gift for anyone who likes coffee and Starbucks. Love it.

Do you use thermo mugs? Do you think we should take small steps towards living more ecologically?
Love, Kerstine.

*This post is not sponsored or supported by Starbucks in any way and the opinion given here is completely my own.

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