Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Crochet Minion Phone Case

This is just another small fun project I want to share. You can crochet it in just one day or even one evening if you're a fast crocheter. Even for beginners it's quite easy because it's crocheted in rounds and there are not many different stitches necessary.
I made this phone case for a friend who is a fan of minions and I think he really liked it. 
The free pattern I used is from Tampa Bay Crochet. I particularly like the eye being used as button to close the case and prevent the phone from sliding out. I had to modify the size of the case a bit though because my phone case was made for a Samsung S3 Mini which is a bit smaller than the given measures. That's why I made a gauge before I started on the case and decided to use a smaller crochet hook (4mm). It worked out perfectly.

I think this phone case is a great gift idea as it is quickly made and  you could easily use different colours or a different design (e. g. stripes) if you or the gifted person isn't into minions that much. I used this stripy design when I made another one for my mum.

What do you think about this phone case? Which colours and pattern would you prefer?