Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

So... happy Easter everyone! I've spent the last days doing quite a few fun things. Easter didn't come with spring weather though, well there was some sun but it's definitely too cold for spring. However I made the days colorful and cheerful by several activities. 

Painting Easter eggs is a thing I haven't done in years, I used to love it as a child. I don't know if you have this tradition in other countries but in Germany you empty the eggs by blowing out the edible stuff through little holes then clean the eggs and they're ready to get painted.
I used acrylic paint and just painted a few nice patterns that came to my mind. Here's my work in progress... 
 The green one is a flowery spring pattern, then there's the 'maritime' egg in red and blue with random white dots and the geometrical one with triangles all over.I hate wating for the colours to dry, but all in all it was really fun to do this plus they turned out very decorative.

So much of painting Easter eggs. But I've also coloured boiled eggs for us to eat. We use a special food colouring to do this and as the eggs are boiled you can keep them quite a while and have one or two (or more) each day for breakfast or as a snack.
We also spent some time outside despite the cold weather, there was some sun at least. We went for a long walk doing some Geocaching. For those of you who haven't tried - it's really fun!

Are you having nice Easter celebrations? Do you know the traditions of painting and colouring eggs? Which one of my eggs do you like best? Love, Kerstine.

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