Thursday, 15 January 2015

4 days in South Tyrol

My husband and I spent a few days over New Year's in beautiful South Tyrol with my family and some friends. We stayed at a nice little hotel in the mountains near the town of Bruneck. The hotel is really secluded because you have to leave your car at the carpark and walk up the valley for about 15 minutes to get there. But with the snow the little walk was rather enjoyable. The hotel was very cosy (including a spa) and they served great food. The fun part however was to get back down to the carpark as you could take a sleigh ride from the hotel back down.

We visited the nice little town of Bruneck one day. The christmas market was still going with cute little huts, crafts, mulled wine and food specialities. We also climbed up the hill to the castle where you have a wonderful view over the valley.

We had also planned to do some winter activities on this trip. There wasn't much snow in the valleys so we were a bit disappointed at first but on the mountains and near our hotel, there was enough snow to do some sleighing and cross country skiing. This is a ski trail near one of our favourite mountains in South Tyrol.

On New Year's Day we went hiking for a few hours - a great way to forget all the wine and champagne from New Year's Eve (haha). Wonderful winter sun, a stunning scenery and an awesome nature were a very relaxed way to greet the new year...

Have you been on a trip anywhere for christmas or New Year's? Hope you can feel the sun on your skin when you see these photos. Love, Kerstine

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