Friday, 5 September 2014

Projects #14 & 15: Crochet Owl Rattle and Baby Slippers

A few weeks ago I crocheted a baby rattle and some tiny slippers for a friend's new born girl. So here's how they turned out. I found the owl pattern on pinterest and immediately wanted to make it. It can be purchased from Tamara Gaal on Ravelry. I already know that I'll make more of those when there are more babies. It's sooo cute! You need many different yarn colours and a rattle ball which I ordered on the internet.
It was quite easy to make, the only boring thing was sewing all the different parts together in the end. But I can live with that if it turns out to be so cool.

The other present I made were a pair of really nice slippers. I used this pattern but you have to be a little creative here as this is only the pattern for the right shoe (the left one naturally has to be a bit different). For the flower, I just figured something out myself. You find a lot of patterns for flowers on the internet, the ladybird is just a crocheted circle with four red stitches plus two black stitches and embroidered dots. I really enjoyed making these things. Love, Kerstine

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