Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Project #13: Knitted Cactus

Finally here's a new project. I know, I haven't posted much lately because I just had a lot of things going on - work (you know what I mean) and also private things. I also went on a 10-day-vacation to Southern Norway with my husband (more about that coming in a post soon, I promise).

This is one of my latest project - a knitted cactus. I think, it looks really great!

I got the idea and the pattern for this cactus from the German knitting magazine "Simply Stricken". It's really easy to make and I got to use some of my leftover wool, which is great as I never know what to do with it. 
You just knit a little tube (preferably a rib pattern) from nice yarn (I used both a simple acrylic yarn and a mohair yarn at the same time) and at the end pull it together and fill it with filling material. You can add a little flower if you like. I then glued it into the little flower pot (which I bought at my local craft shop) and put the pins in.
Now it can be used as pin cushion. So it isn't just a nice decoration but can actually come in useful. I'm gonna have to make another one for myself though because I gave this one to a friend for her birthday.
What do you think of my cactus? Have you ever knitted any plants? Love, Kerstine

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