Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Project #12: Felted something case

It took me quite a while to publish a new project – sorry. I've got several projects going but didn't get to finish any until some days ago.

So... here's my new project. Initially I wanted to make an ipad case but as this is the first time I used wool you can felt in the washing machine I somehow miscalculated the size (you have to knit it 40% bigger than it's supposed to be after felting). So I got the width right but it's far too short to cover the ipad in whole length. Such things happen, not everything is working out as planned...
However I still like it very much, the colours and the texture are really great. So I'm going to use it for something else – maybe as a book case or just a little bag... AND I'm planning on making another one which fits properly... See ya soon!

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