Sunday, 9 November 2014

Project #16: Coin Bracelet

A few weeks ago I put an idea into action that I've been having in my head for months. This is what I'm showing you today. You may already know about my love of Norway and as I happen to be there several times a year, I've always got some Norwegian crowns lying around waiting to be spent during my next visit. 
I like their design a lot, especially the ones with holes in the middle have always been pretty for me.
So I came up with the idea to use a one-crown-coin for a bracelet. This way I can always carry a memory of the country and our great holidays there with me. It's a special souvenir.

The method I used for the bracelet is nothing special but I have never tried it before, so it was new to me. I used a blue cotton thread from my local craft store and the (very good) instructions from the blog Tippy & Tassel. I tied a clasp to the ends and fixed the ends with clear nail polish to prevent them from opening up.
You could surely use different coins, e. g. the five-crowns-coin which is bigger (see the photos), or even a small key and any robust thread. However, I like my new bracelet a lot and I think this would also make a great gift. Which coin or object would you use for a bracelet? Love, Kerstine.

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