Monday, 20 January 2014

Project #3: Granny Square Coasters

Hey everyone!
My project of week 3 this year turned out to be two granny square coasters. I've been meaning to take up crocheting again for a while. I had to watch some crochet beginner's videos first to get the hang of it again. And I was very surprised that I could already make my first granny square with a few very simple stitches. I followed the instructions for granny square coasters on one sheepish girl which is one of my favourite blogs.

So here's my very first granny square. I still had some yarn from previous crocheting experiments and picked some nice colours (brown and yellow) that brighten my winter.
Really enjoying it I made second one in blue pretty soon. Now I have two matching coasters for my tea mugs.

1 comment:

  1. I really love these! They actually remind me of my own grandmother, but I guess that's why they're called granny coasters ;)